America The Beautiful

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain.
For shopping center parking lots,
For freeways, trucks, and cranes.
America! America! All natives step aside.
Men with plans, and calloused hands,
Have come to turn the tide.

O beautiful for nail salons.
For gas stations, signs, and roads.
A thoroughfare of steel and glass,
And asphalt rolled in loads.
America! America! Home of brave and free,
Relieved of pain, and entertained
By the crap on their TVs.

O beautiful for movie stars,
And guitar strumming bards.
For record labels and magazines,
And radio talk show tards.
America! America! God help the man who strays
From the norm, despite the swarm,
Finding his own way.

O beautiful for laying blame.
Nothing is our fault.
Fault lies with the other guys,
We had no chance to halt.
America! America! Lock and toss the key.
If you had a role, you want to extoll,
That’s fine, just don’t blame me.

O beautiful for praying to
The glorious bottom line.
Success is cash, and cash is king,
And kings are all divine.
America! America! If you think you’ve won,
Count the bills, and add the change,
And judge the final sum.

O beautiful, the irony
Of fearing storm-tossed masses.
How easily we forget
Our fathers had no passes.
America! America! Let’s keep our country free
From the droves of immigrants
Invading our country.

Oh beautiful, our fighting might.,
They guard against oppression.
How often do we kill and maim
Without justification?
America! America! We have a deadly lust.
Dropping bombs, on dads and moms.
You better watch for us.

O beautiful, the Fourth Estate.
They feed us all our news.
News, that is, as they deem worth
Their cameras, men, and crews.
America! America! Beware of what you see.
Trash and lies sell drums of ink,
And make for great TV,

O beautiful, our right to speak,
To satire and lampoon.
There’s more I could say for sure,
But I’ll stop singing soon.
America! America! I tip my hat to thee.
Truth is that there’s no other place
Where I would rather be.