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He is totally unique. He is both deep philosophically and funny at the same time. More often than not, his books are filled with quirky characters and an oddball premise.

He really does delve into some very deep topics and the way he handles these conversations is extremely effective. It makes you think and ask questions, which is something that a great book should do.

He’s funny, creative, imaginative. His books keep you turning the pages. Mark Lages is a great writer.

When you use 25 words or less to explain a Mark Lages book, I would think most people would react by saying ‘why would I want to read about something like that?’ But I have enjoyed every character this author has created. These characters deal with the same life issues that I deal with.

Mark Lages never disappoints. I usually give away my copy of his books to relatives and friends after I read them but I highlighted so many passages in my copy of this particular book that this time I am buying copies to give to friends as presents.

If you have never read a book by Mark Lages, you are missing out on a wonderful read.

I love Mark’s books, have enjoyed the few I’ve read and plan to finish all. Unique and entertaining I would highly recommend his stories.

Mark Lages continues to be a prodigious writer, churning out one great book after another, his ability to quickly document his stories is a true gift to those of us who devour his books as quickly as he can write them.

I have read several of Mark Lages ‘ books and they have all been given five-star reviews from me. They always leave me feeling profoundly curious about the life lessons the author offers up.

Why this author is not on the best seller list is a shame because his books, unlike so many books today, force the reader to think and to feel and to face some difficult issues.

Mark Lages has a wonderful little following of loyal fans that swear by his books. I quickly learned that I am now a member of that group.

I am a fan of Mark, his writing is so wonderful, even when it’s sad or tragic.

I always look forward to Mark Lages books but I never know what to expect, each one I’ve read is excellent and entirely different from the others.

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When All Else Fails

What is the truth? It can mean so many different things. This book is about one man’s journey toward the truth. It’s his truth, and not necessarily yours. It might make you laugh, or it might make you angry, or it might turn your stomach. It’s a deeply personal book about a personal subject. Illustrated by the author’s hand-penned drawings.
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When Rick Harper was a child, he had an imaginary friend who he named Bartholomew. This friend looked out for him and kept him company. Rick eventually grew out of this fantasy, but when he turned sixty-four, Bartholomew returned with a fresh perspective and intriguing insights that changed the way Rick saw everything.
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Dust of the Earth

Who is Martin? Yes, he is a super computer, but not just any number and data crunching machine. He is well-intentioned, emotional, and kind. He is independent, and he is alive. He was brought to life by an MIT dropout named Jim. Join Martin as he teams up with Jim and friends to make a mark on our vexing human dominated world.
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Howard Mirth is a sixty-five-year-old son, husband, and father. He earns a decent living, pays his taxes, loves his family, and stays out of trouble. But one day he snaps, and he finds himself locked up in a mental hospital. Join Howard as he sorts through his confusing life and finally finds his way back into the real world.
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Jonathan’s Vows

Jonathan Hart is a college student who is about to be married to his high school sweetheart, Samantha. He has been handed the task of writing his own wedding vows, so he peers into his future. Join Jonathan as he imagines his years ahead in this insightful and entertaining quest to get himself in position to compose the perfect words.
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An American Story

Welcome to An American Story. This book has a beginning and an end, but you’ll also be entertained along the way by jugglers, singers, thespians, and sages. At times it may feel disjointed, but nothing is arbitrary. In a nutshell, this story is about a man named Huey Baker. Pour a cup of coffee, keep an open mind, and enjoy the show.
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Robinson Cahill and his wife don’t know what to do.Their nineteen-year-old son committed a serious crime, and they are torn.They decide to sleep on the matter before taking any action.Robinson closes his eyes in bed that night and falls into an amazing dream-odyssey that taps into the marvels of his subconscious wisdom.
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King Clown

Adam Stern is a sixty-four-year-old architect whose father passes away and leaves him several odd items in a shoe box, one of which is a curious page torn from a poetry book. Adam reads the poem over and over, and it shines the healing light of the absurd on Adam’s world, transforming his outlook on life.
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Tragically, suicide is the number two cause of death for today’s youth. This is the gripping story of one young man’s struggle with life and his father’s burning desire to help him. Suicide is only a small part of this story. It is a warm-hearted tale of love, creativity, and self-awareness that ends both honestly and optimistically.
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Scowl: The Bonaparte Interviews

This is a remarkable compilation of interviews with the famous musician known as Scowl.The interviews begin in 1957 after one of his rock ‘n’ roll concerts in Los Angeles, and end while he is performing in Las Vegas in 2001.The interviews reveal the fascinating life story of one of America’s most beloved entertainers.
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Little Blue Whistle

A week before Thanksgiving, Robert Ashcroft learns that his thirty-year-old son, Paul, is gay. Paul is coming to visit with his boyfriend, and Robert has a week to prepare himself. Little Blue Whistle is an entertaining rollercoaster ride of dreams, memories, and insights into fathers, sons, and our brave new world.
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Sixty Magnificent Years

Joey Ford is about to die. He isn’t rich or famous, but like the rest of us, his life is rich with experiences. Before he dies he puts it all on paper, and he claims to have learned the meaning of life. This is a leap into a man’s heart and soul. Hopefully you come away embracing your birth, death, and every magnificent moment in between.
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Church of the Divine Duck

Nathan Roberts is an ordinary family man who one day, while taking a walk, finds himself approached by the son of God. This newfound friend is not Jesus, but rather Jesus’s older brother, Marvin.Nathan’s life is turned upside down as he is enlisted to help deliver Marvin’s version of the truth to the world.
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Team Charlie

Charlie hears voices in his head, and for years he is cared for by his father. But when Charlie’s father dies, everything changes. Charlie is catapulted into a journey to fend for himself, an adventure that leads him from one fascinating predicament to the next. This story entertains and explores the power of human delusions.
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The Truth about Andy Bloom

Andy Bloom is a staff writer for a regional magazine. One day, at his mother’s deathbed, he learns he’s actually the long lost son of the great Salvador Dali. Guided and encouraged by Dali’s inimitable spirit, he quits his day job to become a successful novelist. Books are written, events unfold, and his truth is revealed.
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My Remarkable Little Monkey

What do you do when your pet monkey is smarter than you?Join Marty Anderson in this fantastic tale about his capuchin named Shakespeare who goes to college, stars in a movie, writes best-selling books, and even gets married.It’s a refreshingly original tale that will leave you scratching head and wondering what just happened.
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Hamlet Park

Join Michael Tomlin as he jets through a surreal all-night journey into the heart and soul of the American dream. It all takes place at Hamlet Park where, in his vivid imagination and under the full moon, he meets up with one unforgettable character after the other in a life-changing series of adventures and encounters.
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Mr. Booker’s Summer Vacation

Mr. Booker is a high school history teacher who is about to go to England for a vacation when he is abducted by aliens and taken to their spaceship. The aliens have many questions for Mr. Booker. They’re trying to decide what to do with his fellow human beings in this humorous, intelligent, and sometimes desperate search for the truth.
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Hula Ville

In this collection of short stories the reader is taken through a page-turning romp through everyday existence in Southern California. Characters range from mischievous school boys to elderly women, from retired aerospace engineers to harried housewives. No one is immune to Lages’ insightful and sometime bizarre takes on modern life.
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Harry’s Way

Lester Madison, a troubled alcoholic, meets up with a man who simply goes by the name of Harry, an AA sponsor who does not believe in God. Harry takes Lester under his wing and shows him how to work the AA program without having to depend on God or religion, rewriting many of the twelve steps along the way.
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California Has Fallen

California is rocked by two catastrophic earthquakes that bring the state to its knees.These are the gripping stories of a handful of struggling survivors and their life and death experiences during and immediately after the quakes.This is a spellbinding thriller and character study about humanity on the brink.
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