You’re Going to Smile

You no longer like me;
It’s plain to see.
You don’t return my calls.
You ignore me.

You respond to my texts
With single words.
You frown when I’m mentioned,
Or so I’ve heard

Was it something I did,
Something I said?
Was I mean, or did I
Have a thick head?

Did I step on your toes?
Tell a bad joke?
Did I hurt you? Did I
Insult your folks?

Honestly, I don’t know
What I have done.
We used to laugh loud and
Have so much fun.

We used to be best friends,
Or so I thought.
You loved me and I loved
You. Now we’re caught

In a web of dislike.
I like you fine,
But you just spit me out
Like spoiled wine.

I guess I should say I’m
Sorry for what
I did, whatever it
Was I did that

Made you so mad at me.
I am sorry.
Maybe it would help if
You could see me

As a human being
Who is prone to
Making mistakes because
That’s what we do.

My imperfections don’t
Mean I don’t care
About you. So if you could give
A place where

I could reside in your
Heart once again,
I’d like to turn that frown
Into a grin.

Yes, I can be a jerk.
I can also
Be the best good friend you’ve
Ever had. So,

Please, let’s just start over.
Hi, how are you?
The birds sing sweetly, and
The sky is blue.

It would be a shame to
Waste a day such
As this one on things that
Don’t mean so much.

You are going to smile.
I just know it.